One thought on “Trish

  1. This is unbelievable! My first thought when I saw the thumbnail was: that is a photo and not a painting. When I enlarged it I see this detailed painting – wow. I just started painting and its very helpful for me that it’s possible to have such big fotos of the paintings to see a little bit of the technique. Thank you! My closer look goes to your painting of hands. That’s quite difficult for a beginner. But why are your little fingers in the same length like your ring fingers? Or does this depend on your technique? – You have here a painting of a lying nude beauty with three fields. Two drops seemed to roll down when you painted the black hair. What a pity!
    But vice versa it doesn’t disturb at all, but makes the painting special.
    O.K. Susan, I want to finish. You see, you give me a lot of inspirations!
    Have a nice day, Volker

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